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Kids crack me up.”

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Kaleidoscope Intl. Creative Festival

Ooh, I’d love to attend this.. Hmm, how to make this happen?

The Kaleidoscope International Creative Festival is a must-attend event for any aspiring student, emerging artist, designer or industry professional looking for that inspirational kick. It’s an opportunity for festival-goers to come and interact with creative visionaries who use their power of influence to improve the world and as a result, walk away with a fresh perspective viewing their own work and life in entirely new ways. Our aim? To inspire others to do something great!

27-28 November 2012
Barbican Centre, London

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Here’s an Update:


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Wow, I’ve been busy. I want to apologize to my blog readers. I’ve neglected you this month and that saddens me! So, I bet you’re so excited to hear what I’ve got upcoming?! Right, that’s what I thought! The past three weeks have been a blur. There were up all nighters, non stop work, some failures, some successes, and some exciting opportunities. Great things are in the works.

Tommorrow we will be having our long awaited portfolio review. All sixteen of us or so have been working or butts off in preparation for our portfolio review, and I couldn’t be more excited! We’ve self branded, prepared business cards, letterhead, leave-behinds, cover letter and resume, and our oh-so-exciting portfolios. The event takes place tomorrow at the Company Lab beginning at 5:30 pm. All are invited. I’m so excited for all that we’ve been working on. There will be some great work to see!